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Delta Schedule

Want to be a part of the Flux check out the contact page for

workshop, volunteer and artist signups.

Or msg us on Facebook or Discord. 

Schedule Subject to change

Main Stage

6:00 PM Dom B Roy

7:30 PM We Few

8:30 PM Chucky Wags and the Company of Rags

10:30 PM Friends of the Phamily

12:30 AM Pineapplebeatz

1:30 AM Crezzent

2:30 AM Russell Corbin

3:30 AM Tim Pelton

4:30 AM Michael Monster


12:00 PM

12:00 PM Uncle Funk

1:00 PM Michael Monster

2:30 PM Fleetwood

4:00 PM Skye Pollard & Family Holler

6:00 PM Irie Lions

8:00 PM 1 Oz Jig

9:30 PM Dirty Allie

10:30 PM Casey Desmond

11:30 PM Cofresi

12:30 AM Space Bass

1:30 AM ????

2:30 AM Tremendm Labs movie time

4:30 AM Acoustic Something likely by campfire.

Moon Base Alpha ( Mostly done.. Still a few slots to fill) 

9:00 PM Okelly Fidelly

10:00 PM D-Railed

11:00 PM Gnarlemayne

12:00 AM Hieronaut

1:00 AM Dick Richards

2:00 AM King Qizzli

3:00 AM

4:00 AM

5:00 AM



5:00 PM

6:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

9:00 PM Lt Dan

10:00 PM 3ros

11:00 PM Tactical Nuke

12:00 AM Lethal Cortex

1:00 AM Psychedelic Research Department

2:00 AM Gibbs

3:00 AM Ghost Rida Wubz

4:00 AM

5:00 AM


Workshops: Schedule - By the Coral ( the big clump of trees by the main road )



7pm: Beginner Dragon staff with Puckett

8pm: Chakras 101 with Daphne

*Fun with clay will be all weekend long at the Second Career Creations Booth 

11 am Yoga with Jojo

12 pm: What the Flux with Wolfy

1pm: Lightwork 111: Forgiveness of Self and World with Aster

2pm  microtonality/tuning theory with Chris Kline

3pm: The Art of Paint Pouring Tim Hoyt and Jillian Bailey

4 pm: Herbalism with Daphne

5 pm: Intro to Contact Staff with Puckett

***6pm Fire safety meeting nightly ***


If you want to do one please sign up on our contact page. 

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