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Epsilon Schedule

WE ARE BACK, Flux Family, and we are proud to announce our exciting plans for 2022 Get ready for the Flux Explorers Jamboree, a series of intimate, family-friendly campouts centered around our ideas of what make Summer Camp awesome, along the side of live music, art, workshops, and more. Don’t have a portal gun like Rick to explore the universe with? Our camp counselors have you covered with interesting activities and skits to entertain and educate from entities all across the inter-dimensional Flux. Become a Explorer as you step into our world by grabbing a camp sash where you can put collectible Flux Patches from each event, explore the nature trails by looking at bizarre plants, talk to friends old and new around the campfire, and so much more! 

Main Stage

6:30 PM Danny Spain Gang
8:15 PM Chinese Connection Dub Embassy
10:30 PM Jimmy Lynns Psychedelic Velocity
12:30 AM Squidnee
1:30 AM Oh Losha 
2:15 AM Duck yeah
3:00 AM Heironaut
3:45 AM Manipadme
4:30 AM Michael Monster



1:05 PM Reckenbecker Loves You
2:10 PM Russell Corbin
3:15 PM Turtle Rush
4:20 PM Brae Leni & The Blackout
5:25 PM Monsterboy LIVES
7:10 PM Silvertung
8:25 PM Smile Empty Soul
9:40 PM deFrance
11:10 PM Sidecar Tommy
12:40 AM n8
1:40 AM Djdripfunk
2:30 AM Tremendous Labs movie time
3:20 AM Dom B Roy 
4:20 AM Molly Adamson



9 am - Poi Fundamentals 1 (Clint Condon)

10am - Poi fundamentals 2 (Clint Condon)

11am - Self Tie Shibari (Futhur Sarah Phlows)

12pm - Intro to Dragonstaff (Brandon Puckett)

1pm - Intro to Hoop Dance (Jessica Dover aka Flow Witch)

2pm - Alphabet Soup (Futhur Sarah Phlows)

3pm - Dragonstaff Skill Share (Brandon Puckett)

4pm - Crazy Diamond Poi (Clint Condon)

6:30pm - Fire Safety

Most likely: Yoga, Pottery, 

If you want to do one please sign up on our contact page. 

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