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Eta Schedule

Want to be a part of the Flux check out the contact page for

workshop, volunteer and artist signups.

Or msg us on Facebook or Discord. 

Schedule Subject to change


8:15 PM Irie Lions

10:00 PM Psynetik

11:00 PM DJanonymaus

12:00 AM Ryan Viser

1:00 AM manipadme

2:00 AM Gnarlemayne

3:00 AM Michael Monster

4:00 AM Dom B Roy



12:00 PM Uncle Funk magic show

1:00 PM Reckenbecker Loves You

2:30 PM The Cosmic Farmer & Friends

4:30 PM DeFrance

6:30 PM CCDE

8:30 PM Joe Keys & the Late Bloomer Band

10:00 PM O'Kelley Fidelley

11:15 PM Zee

12:45 AM ClayDoh!

1:45 AM Liquid Lizards

2:45 AM Doohickey

3:35 AM King Qizzli

4:25 AM P for Parker

5:15 AM fuchsiallama


1:00 PM Clayborn

2:00 PM Russel Corbin

3:00 PM Jacob Pledger

4:20 PM Earth Bone

5:50 PM Monsterboy Lives

7:30 PM Joe Keys & the Late Bloomer Band

9:00 PM Oh Losha

10:00 PM Qwilla

11:15 PM Wolf-e-Wolf

12:55 AM Casey Desmond

2:00 AM Dirty Alli

3:00 AM Randal Soeung

4:00 AM Russel Corbin

5:00 AM Flux Jam



Sat 11 am Double Staves with Owl McHale

Sat noon Microtonality & Xenharmonics - Chris Kline

Sat 1pm The Roadmap to Dragonstaff - Cory Graves

Sat 2pm Grants-How to- Veronica

Sat 3pm The Spirit of Sound - Jonathan Laks

Sat 5pm THING ON A STRING?! - Tree

Sun 10am Breath meditation 101 - Ben

Sun 11 am Intro to Leviwand with Owl McHale

Sunday 2pm Intro to poi - Derick Randles

Sun 4:30 Intro to fire safety: Live fire prop extinguishing - Tree

Sun 5:30 Intro to fire manipulation: Eats, beaks, and cheeks? - Tree

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