2020 Flux Scouts Jamboree

WE ARE BACK, Flux Family, and we are proud to announce our exciting plans for 2020 with Season Passes available right in time for the holidays! Get ready for the Flux Scouts Jamboree, a series of intimate, family-friendly campouts centered around our ideas of what make Summer Camp awesome, along the side of live music, art, workshops, and more. Don’t have a portal gun like Rick to explore the universe with? Our camp counselors have you covered with interesting activities and skits to entertain and educate from entities all across the inter-dimensional Flux. Become a scout as you step into our world by grabbing a camp sash where you can put collectible Flux Patches from each event, explore the nature trails by looking at bizarre plants, talk to friends old and new around the campfire, and so much more! To keep things special, we are capping these gatherings to 250 people, hosting them on April 3rd, June 12th, September 18th, and October 30th. Grab a pass in the comments below and check out the events as more details are revealed. See y’all next decade, Fluxers!

Cosmic Flux Scout: April 3rd - 5th

Solar Flux: June 12th - 14th

Quantum Flux: September 18th - 20th

Phantom Flux: October 30th - Nov  1st

2020 Season Passes are $300 and include a Laminate, Lanyard, and Early Entry to all Shows. (Over $180 in Savings)

2020 Super Scout Season Passes are $420 and include everything the normal Season Pass includes, along with a Limited Edition Sash, Patch for each event, and 20 Flux Pluggers which can be used to redeem awesome prizes.  (Over $200 in Savings)

250 people Max per Gathering. Once Season Passes are sold out, tickets to each individual event will only be available to Flux Scouts who sign up and are approved using the form below.

$60 Early Bird • $80 Pre-Sale • $100 Gate. Individual Event Tickets only Available to Flux Scouts.

This sign-up process helps us grow our community in the best ways possible.

How to Be Awesome

1: PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect

2: Explore, Share, and Connect

3: Community Service.

4: Leave NO TRACE- (You bring it - You take it home, except for your emotional baggage. Send that off to the stars)

Limited Edition Patches included in the Super Scout Season Passes will be For Sell at VOID at each event. Limited volunteer spots available to watch VOID and help setup/tear down.  Please email bacon@fluxfamily.com for more information.

Please visit the corresponding event pages to learn more, and keep a lookout for lineups, schedules, and more saucy details in 2020. We look forward to having you out to the beautiful Cadron Creek! It's going to be an incredible year.