Our Partners

Our partners are wonderfully talented people who make sure the Flux experience is a unique one. Videographers, lighting masterminds, soundscape programmers, and engineers make up our humble backbone. We would like to thank the following professionals for dedicating incredible time and energy with us.

Cadron Creek Outfitters
The one and only Cadron Creek has been a wonderful blessing for us, containing beautiful trails, interesting caves, and a relaxing creek where you can take a refreshing dip. This beautiful woodland is where all of our outdoor Flux Festivals are held, lovingly gifted to us by John Svendsen.
Scott Stanley
Scott Stanley has been a continuous contributor to the Dallas electronic music and Texas festival scene for over ten years. Working to externalize his inner fascination with light, Scott combines various brilliant visual arts to accompany his psychedelic downtempo and glitchy sounds. He has helped Flux design lighting, sound, and art for a majority of our shows.
Nathaniel Hitt is the mastermind behind our Flux posters since 2014. His use of sacred geometry, with a dedicated attention to rich, intricate details, creates the colorful Flux fliers you see being passed around the South.
Rick Dipley
Rick has been creating video and pictures of our most recent Flux shows. As passionate for the community as we are, he loves bringing people together for a picture.
Jared Holt
Jared is a third year journalism student at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, aiming to write and photograph for magazines. For the past seven years, he has been documenting the stories of people in the form of captivating stories and pictures.
Andrew Dolan Photography
Andrew Dolan, a talented photographer and videographer in Arkansas, captures the music and arts culture of the South. His work can be spotted all across our website.
Abby Road
"Blow your own mind!" with all sorts of festival gear. Abby Road sells clothing, posters, and all sorts of gadgets for the festival lover! They attend most events we throw and have sponsored us a few as well.
Sparrow Studios
Samantha Weldon, a talented fire dancer and aerial silks performer, shoots photography for various performance arts. She can be seen teaching and performing, along with capturing the talents at our shows.
Palm Tree Shoe Prodcutions
Reed Means can occasionally be seen shooting videos of our talents all over the place. If you find him, he would love to include you in his videos. His wonderful Flux Documentary is right here on the website.
Inside Image Design
Scott Stanley, Mike Cocanower, Reese Bailey, and others have provided us with surreal and colorful lights / sculptures at various festivals since 2014. Their creative outlook on festival structures has impressed thousands.
Chris Hileman
Chris Hileman was with us for the first three years we began, providing rich, quality sound for everyone to enjoy. If it weren't for him, our dance floor wouldn't be the same!
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