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Zeta Schedule

Want to be a part of the Flux check out the contact page for

workshop, volunteer and artist signups.

Or msg us on Facebook or Discord. 

Schedule Subject to change


7:00 PM The Help
8:15 PM CCDE
10:00 PM Otonic
11:00 PM Lethal Cortex
12:00 AM Space Bass
1:00 AM Duck yeah
2:00 AM DJanonymaus
3:00 AM Michael Monster
4:30 AM Molly Adamson

12:00 PM TyClayborn
1:20 PM Justin Reckenbecker
2:30 PM Molly Adamson
3:40 PM Dom B- Roy
4:50 PM Russell Corbin
6:20 PM Danny Spain Gang
7:50 PM Eureka Strings
9:30 PM Jimmy Lynns Psychedelic Velocity
11:00 PM Wickit The Instigator
12:30 AM ??
1:30 AM King Qizzli
2:30 AM Russell Corbin
3:30 AM One Fried Pie
4:30 AM ??


Activities coming soon.. 

Reverse Capture the Flag..

How to play..

A) Bring a Flag..

B) Bring some clothes pins..

C) register at VOID ( flag will be tagged to mark who is playing)


Game Fly your Flag..  ( you can move it.. but it has to be out.. not locked away)

The goal is for other teams to clip your flag with a pin with out you tagging them or saying I caught you.. if they see you..

Once the pin is on it stays.. team with the most clips of counting coup at the end wins..

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