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MU Schedule

Want to be a part of the Flux check out the contact page for

workshop, volunteer and artist signups.

Or msg us on Facebook or Discord. 

Schedule Subject to change

Theme nights: 

Friday) Toga
Sat) Barnyard Bash


6:00 PM Earth Bone

7:45 PM Future Joy

9:00 PM Lt. Dan

10:00 PM Taz Mayne

11:30 PM Jason Leech

1:00 AM Baelien

2:00 AM Monster Boy Lives

3:00 AM Russel Corbin



11:30:00 Michael Monster

12:30 PM Mr Pledger & SilasJ

1:30 PM Irie Lions

3:10 PM Danny Spain & Gang

5:00 PM Skye Pollard & Friends

6:50 PM Mountain Sprout


10:35 PM Cofresi

12:15 AM Vincent Antone

1:45 AM LethalCortex

2:45 AM P for Parker

3:45 AM Dom B Roy & Joe Credit




Workshops:B- Big Top, C Coral

B 10:00 Singing Bowl Meditation w/Alicia and JoJo

C 11:30 Intro to Meditation w/Ben Heacox

C12:30 Let's Make a Track w/Zack Starwalker

B 1:30 How to Give a Flux w/Bacon

C 2:30 Whips 101 w/Ben Heacox

B 4:00 Moral Murals Graffiti w/Tommy Tropical

B 6:00 The Art of Sensual Movement w/Starshe


Activities:By Big Top

10:00 Red Rover (Hug Edition)

11:30 Water Balloon Bash

12:15 River Duck Race

1:00 Magic the Gathering Tournament  

2:00 Sarcastaball w/Bacon

3:00 Return of the LARP w/Bacon

5:00 Unicorn Stroll


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