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Theta Schedule

Want to be a part of the Flux check out the contact page for

workshop, volunteer and artist signups.

Or msg us on Facebook or Discord. 

Schedule Subject to change

Theme nights: 

Friday is Cowboys & Aliens

Saturday is color war (deck out in your favorite color)


7:00 PM Danny Spain Gang

8:45 PM Joshua James and The First Aid Kit

10:30 PM P for Parker

11:30 PM Dirty Alli

1:00 AM Manipadme

2:00 AM King Qizzli

3:00 AM Kevin tinker

4:00 AM Monsterboy Lives

5:00 AM Molly Adamson


12:10 PM Molly Adamson

1:20 PM Russell Corbin Trio

2:30 PM Earth Bone

3:40 PM Yongi Live

5:00 PM Skye Pollard

6:30 PM 1 oz jig

8:30 PM Rachel Ammons

10:00 PM Doug Kramer

11:15 PM David Starfire

12:45 AM ** surprise set **

1:45 AM n8

2:45 AM Ziggy Zaddy

3:45 AM Michael Monster

Workshops and Activities  ( At Big white tent unless otherwise specified) 


9a - Beginners Yoga w/ Murdoc (Bring your yoga mat & water)

10a - Intro to Breath Meditation w/ Ben

11a - Mann Wedding (Wear your color war theme outfits)

12p - Microtonality & Xenharmonics w/ Chris

12p - Lil Fluxxers Face & Body Painting w/ Allison

1p - KendaMann Jam & Workshop (Extra kendamas for class available)

2p - Lil Fluxxers Talent Show w/ Allison (Bring a skill or talent to share with your friends! Just for fun!!)

2p - Posing w/ Fire Props w/ Owl

3p - Leviwand 101 w/ Owl

4p - The Stick Tricks: Double Staffs w / Owl

4p - Crafting at the Creek w/ Stacey (Painting activity - wear play clothes - all ages)

5p - Lil Fluxxers - Make Kandi Bracelets w/ Allison

5p - Forbidden Art of Sensual Movement w/ Jezebelle Jax (Adults only Workshop)


Silent Disco Nature Walks- (self guided at request through void)

Guided Friday 6:00 PM       Saturday 6PM

Reverse Capture the Flag (info at void)

Noon, 5:00 PM -Water gun Wars

1:30 PM - Red Rover (Hug Edition)

3 PM - Tug of War

4 pm Sarcasta Ball - bras optional .bring Tin foil Hat

11pm Burning the Tree of life sculpture

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