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Hi there, Flux Family!

Choose your own adventure.. 



Flux Campouts 2024:

LAMBDA Sept 6-8

Our Mission: To forward the acceptance of alternative lifestyles (sexual, mental, social)

and suicide prevention.

Providing a safe space for the  LGBTQIA+ and the Neurodivergent (austism, ADHD, and other sensory spectrum disorders) 

Actually being social, being open , making connections, being real.


PLUR.. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect

It's a lifestyle.  


Friends, Camping, Good Vibes and some tunes.

Its an experience. 

Welcome to Flux. Think summer camp meets music festival.

Kinda burner lite (we have Food and craft vendors, and we curate a stage)

The real driving force of Flux is our volunteers

We are fully community driven.

Flux is  just friends sharing their art with friends.

We just have a very talented staff with lots of production experience

that like to put on a show ( big or small) and they just want to share it with you.

So expect good times and good tunes

No two shows are ever the same.

The look is  always in Flux. 

The focus for the rest of the year is connection and togetherness.

Its all about the camping and friends .

Yes we will have some music , but it's more than that.


Meeting new friends , taking walks in the woods, getting away from our phones.


Check out the Event page for info and tickets.  

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