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Our festivals are run by a group of passionate individuals who pay for everything out of pocket. These men and women put every cent they can into each festival, focusing on the growth and evolvement of the Flux community. If you would like to see Flux keep growing and support the music and arts culture, donations are defintley a great way to help us expand. We will make sure it gets put to good use, adding great features to our events we know you will love. Using a secure debit/credit system online, we welcome anything you are willing to offer.


Thank you for keeping us in your hearts, Flux Family.

Fyi: Donations are Tax Deductible!!!

Our Mission: To forward the acceptance of alternative lifestyles (sexual, mental, social)

and suicide prevention.

Providing a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ and the Neurodivergent (austism, ADHD, and other sensory spectrum disorders) 

Actually being social, being open , making connections, being real. 

Donate to Flux Festivals

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