What is Flux Festivals?

We are a passionate community that throws music and arts gatherings in the beautiful woodlands of the Southern United States. We believe in a open minded, diverse experience where all are welcome to express themselves under the incredible flow of down to earth culture. Our events contain a wide variety of entertainment, including musical acts from all over the world, live artists of many techniques, fire dancers under the stars, delicious and organic home cooked vending, inspiring workshops, surreal light structures, and so much more. Everything we do is a strict, leave no trace gathering. We love our people just as much as we love our earth. Grab a tent, your friends, whatever you need to be comfortable, and come join the Flux Family. We know you're going to love it.

Leave No Trace

We think the earth is a beautiful place, and we would like to keep it that way. 100% of our events practice a Leave No Trace system.

Home Made Food

Our events contain wide varities of vegan, organic, and other delicious vendors to help feed your soul. (We also have waffles!)

Incredible Music

From underground gems, to well known stars, we have everything from Rock to Psytrance. There is bound to be something you love.

Live Artists

Painters, sketchers, and more craft live, giving us a interesting glance into the endless realms of their fantastic imaginations.

One Phenomenal Culture

Flux, to us, is a beautiful culture containing a intricate, nearly indescribable mixture of magic. Experience it to believe it.

Open Minded

An open mind is a healthy mind. Visitors at Flux will find them selves surrounded by an array of ideas, people, and expressions.

Pet and Family Friendly

Anyone can have a great time while keeping their family or pets safe. We welcome all ages and most animals.

Come jump into the Flux.



Discover the Next Flux

2018 is going to be full of surprises. We have acts from all over the United States planned to make an appearance, along with a wonderful collection of live artists, delicious vendors, cultural crafts, interesting workshops, and much more. This year is going to be bigger than ever, and we can't wait to show you what we have been working on. 

Take a look at the events below to learn more. As the year progresses, we will be updating them with more information, such as lineups. Check out the events and join the Facebook page! It's time to see what Flux is all about.

We have quite the history. Below, you can hop into our time machine and discover previous gatherings. We threw our first festival in a friend's backyard in late 2013. The next year, we threw several more in all sorts of places, including a skate park, a dance studio, and our beloved Cadron Creek that we use to this very day. We began documenting our adventures at Gaia Flux in 2015, and now we collect memories at every show. Take a look and enjoy, Flux Family.

Explore our Past Events






Quantum Flux
Quantum Flux

Solar Flux: Charging our Spirits


Solar Flux was a soul-enriching experience, charging us all for a great Summer outdoors. We made some great friends, cooled off in the beautiful creek, and created a humble electronic city in the woods together. The Zebbler Encanti Experience, Somatoast, Cory Stardust, S!Bass Cadet, RoboJoe, and many other musical sensations made our stage glow all weekend long with interesting, diverse music we absolutley loved.  We had TONS of vendors, including biscuits and gravy, tacos, chicken and waffles, and other delicious delights. Our fire ring really took off with an assortment of explosive dancers. Samantha, Mik, and others juggled, spun, and balanced a large variety of toys throughout the night at our Flux Circus. Ahmed, Zander, Wanderweird, Chance, and other artists managed to capture everything on canvas. Thank you for such a wonderful adventure Flux Family!

(Photography and Solar Flux video by Rick Dipley)

Come on in, don't be shy, an adventure awaits!
Into the Forest
Cadron Creeks tree farm is a beautiful sight to behold. The lights from the adventures in the woods shine through the trees to welcome our guests into the Flux.
The Flux City
When the moon was shining in the night sky, our lights were glowing on the ground. With food, workshops, art, music, and more, Solar Flux had it all.
The Flux Family
So many people helped put this together, and this pictures doesn't even cover a quarter of them! What a beautiful crowd.
Cory Stardust & Mary Jane
Cory Stardust and his wonderful daughter, Mary Jane, played together for us on the stage! Everyone loved it, especially the kids. We believe in holding a family-friendly event, where parents can feel safe.
Zander Lampkin
Zander has attended a few Fluxes. When he does, the crowds always enjoy watching him create surreal, colorful, and psychedelic landscapes.
Eat My Biscuit
Our vendors provided a large amount of food to keep everyones spirits and bellies full. Did you ever try a Mmmlet? What about a chicken and waffle? There were tacos too!
Family Camping
We care about our families quite a lot. Many of our guests have come together to create an amazing "Kids Camp" where they serve food, have activities for kids, and more!
A City of Lights
We painted the woods many different colors as the sun set over the horizon. It looked like a portal was opening to another dimension.
When the sun falls behind the trees, the mood changes dramatically, and it's a rad thing to witness. What a beautiful state!
Zebbler Encanti Experience
What a performance! ZEE had the entire crowd raging the entire time! It was quite an incredible, electronic explosion to witness. We will definitely have them back next year.
Big Still River
We had a lot of bands as well. We want to make sure we provide a diverse amount of musical acts for all sorts of people. Big Still River brought the folk to our souls!
Video Game Dome
Our good friend Ben kept everyone entertained with Super Smash Bros all the way till the sunrise!
The Workshops
Cody has provided many informations and philosophical teachings at each festival, and we highly encourage everyone to check them out!
Where did these bubbles come from? There were many peculiar things to see at Solar Flux. Great shot!
A Place to Think
We believe Flux is a place that can help you find yourself. Thinkers of all sorts found the festival to be a great place to relax and focus on the world around them (and inside them).
At the Creek
Doesn't this look refreshing? Many people throughout the weekend took a nice, cool dip into the creek to get away from the heat.
Our Painters
Zander Lampkin, Ahmed Lindemann, Wanderweird, Chance Roberts, Cory Stardust, Mary Jane, Rachel Kaiser, and Emmaline Barrett expressed their artistic skills with us at Solar Flux... Wonderful job guys!
Our Fire Dancers
Did you get a chance to see the fire spinners and jugglers? People brought their fans, staves, and even breathed fire!
See you next time Flux Family!
We were blessed by the talents of many, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us. See you all at Quantum Flux!

©2021 Created by Flux Family

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