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Throughout the years, visual artists of all sorts have stepped through our doors and offered their talents to the Flux Family. These dedicated, inspiring individuals are featured here. Below, you will find links to their impressive collections. Remember to read the lineup for each show, there is a good chance you can catch these wonderful people at work! They frequently sell prints and originals, so introduce yourself and grab something for your wall.

Ivi Mo
Combining an absurd amount of oiled detail with digital coloring, Ivi from Norway sucks people into his psychedelic worlds with ancient symbolism, pop culture references, and intense patterns.
James McCarthy
James is the wonderful mind behind our early Flux posters from 2013 - 2014. Based out of Florida, his incredibly detailed oil paintings send minds to the outer planes of the multiverse, twisting and bending the rules of space and time to create some of the most surreal paintings in the East coast.
Chops Wanderweird
Wanderweird has spent the last several years backpacking around the United States, broadcasting his unique frequency from music festivals, concert lots, and the sidewalks of his favorite cities. He just finished his first book, an illustrated, narrative trip set in the geometric thoughtscapes of his art, in which all of reality is explained.

He also has a series of mandalas based on the sacred mythologies and meditations of his childhood (painting video games and pretending it's deep)
Ahmed Lindemann
Ahmed creates everything from the most bizarre looking creatures you have ever seen, to surreal and colorful landscapes. Coming from Newgrounds, he has a taste for the quirky and interesting.
Stregg of Starshine Corvus
This lovely individual has been crafting with us since our very first festival! By combining people, animals, and beautiful color, their paintings and heart light up the woods at our gatherings.
Zander Lampkin
Zander Lampkin is a psychedelic abstractionist from Texas. He has an addiction to mind melting paintings and seems to create dimensions with his paintbrush. His work is frequently printed, so keep a look out for him and ask to browse his collection.
Chance Roberts
"I have felt the calling to try and capture human energy during intimate, blissful moments using paint on canvas. Sometimes, the work is loose and unplanned, done in a live setting of a festival or concert. Often times, countless hours with a small brush in the studio is required. Mixing portraiture, historical archetypes, mysticism, and a dash of psychedelia in my artwork is how I make sense of being human."
Shane Baskins
Shane has helped install several abstract installations at our festivals, hanging interesting structures in the trees. As a man with a million ideas, he has helped shape our art gallery into something awesome.
Saxton Esposito
Since the beginnings of Flux, Saxton has joined the stage to paint live with our musical performances. His extreme attention to detail is a crowd favorite, and he successfully achieves a magical, engulfing sort of feeling with all his work. It's difficult to look away from his intricate, geometric explosions.
Cory Stardust
Cory is a passionate musician / artist with a taste for love and friendship. He loves expressing his care for the world through bright, RGB active paintings and gooey, wompy Glitch compositions. He can regularly be seen painting with his sweet daughter, Mary Jane. She loves dinosaurs and adventure!
Skertchal Toad
William Farrell uses various techniques, especially acrylics, to paint and sketch animals, people, and abstract pieces. He joined us at Chrono Flux in 2015.
Swaroop Guhathakurta
Swaroop Guhathakurta is a graphics designer from India, currently based out of Dubai. For the past decade, he has been creating psychedelic imagery for festivals, albums, clothing, and more. His intense attention to detail in both the musical and visual spectrum is truly vast, including over 250+ 2D/3D creations.
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