From underground gems to well known stars, our ecletic musical lineup is full of interesting sounds just waiting to be discovered. We focus heavily on a diverse, smooth progression with bands during the day and electronic acts during the night. Thanks to these passionate groups of quality performers, there is always something new to hear! We are always adding people to our family, so keep coming back for updates. Check them out below, visit their pages, and introduce yourself to some great tunes. It will give you something to do while you wait to see them live.

Our Musicians

Straight out of Austin, Texas with the Atrium Obscurum crew, Joseph has provided our Flux Family with twisted Psytrance, energetic Hi-Tech, and feet stomping Full On for years.
Zebbler Encanti Experience
Known as "ZEE", Ben and Zebbler are a electronic duo obsessed with intricate trappy dub worlds matched with hand crafted visuals to bring one hell of a psychedelic adventure to the dance floor.
The Whole Famn Damily
YEEHAW! As a band that boasts 6+ members at each performance, they really are the whole freakin' family. Expect a Southern assortment of Folkish vibes with this talented crew of musicians.
A local Arkansas legend, this innovative dub producer has been shaking the earth with his crunchy, gooey bass since the early 2000s.
A true homage to Arkansas culture, Arkansauce fills the beautiful woods of Cadron Creek with tales of growing up in the hilly lands of the South.
Mark is considered a newschool pioneer of downtempo psydub and glitch, bringing encompassing tracks that have been known to melt brains on the dance floor.
HandMade Moments
Anna and Joel have been touring the United States for the past few years spreading love, laughs, and great sax. With clever vocals and tranquil melodies, this acoustical duo warms our hearts.
Scott Stanley
Scott has been with us since the beginnings, providing our festival lovers with rich, quality lights and Psydub over and over again. The environment would not be the same without him!
Inspiring the Texas electronic scene, John of Gravitas Records impresses producers everywhere with his high quality glitch-hop and dubstep creations.
Fractal Sky
Aaron of "fayettechill," AR combines the groovy melodies of saxophone with powerful bass and trap that will make you want to dance until the sun comes up.
Dr. Mysterium
A original Flux supporter and performer, Jack has been using his wide assortment of glowing gadgetry to produce creamy, psychedelic, and downtempo bass in Arkansas for a decade.
Jackson and Zora have been introducing Arkansans to innovative, glitchy sound worlds by combining electronic dub, guitars, and piano for years. They have been with us since day one.
Cory Stardust
Cory creates beautiful, heart-warming electronica using a combination of 10+ analog synthesizers, drum kits, and midi controllers. Sometimes, his daughter, Mary Jane, joins him on the stage.
S!Bass Cadet
Tag can usually be seen on our stage expressing his wonderfully unique, perfectly dubby tracks using a micro synth hanging around his neck, along with a handful of intricate synthesizers.
Sick Numbles
When Nick isn't throwing a Flux Festival, he is bringing a interesting mix of his favorite psytrance and glitch to the dance floor. He started Flux Festivals with Cat Hicks back in 2013.
Ian is a fresh dubstep and trap producer from the lands of Little Rock, using his Guitar knowledge to heavily influence his addictive, explosive tracks.
Braxton Stowe
Braxton has played with us under various names over the years, including "Skittle Party", bringing us oldschool trip-hop, newschool trap, and excellent dub.
Sublingual Soundsystems
Sterling comes from Texas, bringing the land of Flux a perfected mix of the old school classics you love with newschool discoveries that will blow you away.
Asa from the 1!Stomp crew in Texas brings our crowds a satisfying combination of euphoric Psytrance with dancfloor-stomping Full On.
Andreas Dabis
This Hungarian Psytrance DJ obsesses over the tiniest of details, laying out a underground mixture of Darkpsy and Progressive, psychedelic Electronica.
Arkansas Groundscore
As a group of Arkansas born and raised musicians, these Folk / Bluegrass performers bring a multitude of musical talents to the stage.
More Acts TBA
We are about to add many more acts to our musical family, stay tuned!
More Acts TBA
We are about to add many more acts to our musical family, stay tuned!
More Acts TBA
We are about to add many more acts to our musical family, stay tuned!
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