The Flux Circus

Fire dancers, aerial silk performers, staff spinners, poi experts, and performance artists of all sorts come together in what we call "The Flux Circus". These impressive folks have spent most of their lives perfecting form, balance, and flexibility to move through the ground and the air. With their tools, they proudly dance the night away at our shows. In some cases, they even provide us with the opportunity to learn their secrets in various workshops.

Keep a look out for these performers and prepare to have your mind blown.

Samantha has been Fire Dancing and performing Aerial Silks for the past few years. Her gentle, yet energetic form is always a pleasure to witness. She also teaches workshops on a variety of flow arts.
Mikey organizes our talented team of flow artists, all while inspiring many with his diverse set of incredible skills. If you have ever seen our fire circles, you should give him a super amazing high five for great work.
Have you ever seen a dragon before? Legends say Mr. Smith has, and the archaic beast gifted him the magical power of breathing fire.
Sammi enjoys Hooping and Aerial Silks of all forms. She starting teaching workshops on them at Gaia Flux, hoping to show others the art of the perfect flow.
Rolin can be seen selling his legendary staffs for all to enjoy. His expertise on Staff Spinning proves his years of hard work have payed off. (especially if you purchase one of his flow toys!)
An adventurer of Juggling, Staff Spinning, Fire Dancing and more, some say Kyle made a deal with an unknown entity far across the universe to get so good at all of them.
Mik consistently amazes our crowds, spinning fire in geometric patterns that stun any spectator. We think the photo speaks for itself.
Cora is a graceful Hooper and Silks dancer, commonly seen right next to the stage. She always catches a great crowd!
Passionate about fire safety and dancing the night away with her array of fire toys, Lacey can be seen teaching and performing at our shows. Sometimes, you can see her breathing fire!
Olivia is a dedicated Hooper, Fire Spinner, and Aerial Silks Dancer. She pops in and out from time to time, like a awesome tornado of LEDs and smoke.
Juggling Fire and Drumming are two of Matts favorite things. If you're lucky, you'll be able to participate in one of his awesome drum circles.
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